JDAP Approved for Vicent Street
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JDAP Approved for Vincent Street



The unique design of the 13 Vincent Street has been approved on by the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).

A few comments from the Design Panel about the project:


“The proposed design is a remarkably innovative and commendable solution to a complex design problem arising from the transition from a potential future R160 development to the north to a potential future R60 … in a context that will transition from a traditional residential suburb to a denser urban residential area.”

“The design is a fun and joyful example of architecture, which is a relative rarity in WA at this time.”

Located next to the Peace Memorial Rose Garden in Nedlands this project has been tended to with much TLC- from thorough site considerations at the onset of the project that kept inspiring and informing the design; to achieving a sophisticated architectural form that we have massaged through tedious negotiations with local government.

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