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Vincent Street Apartments

The unique design of the 13 Vincent Street development is product of an intensive concept design period required to overcome complex site constraints.


From the outset the project site faced many challenges. The City of Nedlands had recently introduced their new Local Planning Scheme No.3, which increased the density of the predominantly single residential area significantly in the locality. The recent changes meant that this project would be one of the first developments under the new scheme. Furthermore, the proposed site was a transition site, from R160 for the proposed site down to R60 for the neighbours to the south and west.


A carefully considered approach was necessary to overcome these complex challenges. One of the first design exercises was to find a solution which would create an appropriate transition to the lower density neighbours. The Southern neighbour was both lower density and lower in elevation, therefore the protection of solar access to this resident was a key factor in the design. The Southern façade of the building is a product of the winter solstice sun angle, allowing no less than 50% solar access to the neighbouring site.


Following on with this idea we designed the building to progressively lean away from the lower density southern neighbour and to have the building height mainly on the high density northern side. Whilst it is not a usual design practice, the balconies to the development predominantly face East, West and South. The Eastern balconies take advantage of the views to the Memorial Rose Garden, the Western balconies take advantage of the increased setback to the West allowing for little requirement for screening and a view to the communal garden below. The Southern balconies take advantage of the increasing setback to the south reducing the need for screening whilst also protecting the outlook to the hills beyond. Due to the potential for a five storey development to the North, which would block out most of the northern solar access and overshadow any living areas proposed there, the decisions was made to have those view protected by opening to the south.


In order to fit into both the existing streetscape and the future streetscape, the top two storeys facing the street and the rear boundaries have been setback to give a more residential feeling to the design.


In line with the green leafy streetscape which is a character of the city of Nedlands, planter boxes on most of the balconies were proposed so that the roof scape is broken up by pockets of green poking through. These planters also provide a method for visual privacy preventing the downward view into neighbouring properties whilst allowing the extended vista to the horizon. The site also proposes many trees on site to provide a leafy outlook, visual privacy and shading.


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Vincent Street Apartments


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